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Manned security & dog patrol

  • Static uniform guards
  • Random supervision and dog patrol
  • Searching vehicles and personnel
  • Visitor registration
  • Gate keeping and access control

Burglar/fire detection alarms

  • Intruder alarms characterized by passive infra red (PIR)/motion sensors , Reed switch sensors/magnetic contacts, Vibration sensors & photoelectric beams
  • Emergency alarms characterized by smoke detectors, panic buttons & glass break detectors
  • Maintenance of the systems by our highly trained technicians to ensure optimum operation

Closed circuit television(CCTV)

  • A professional surveillance system characterized by the most suave cameras in the market
  • We study the requirements of our clients
  • Select appropriate devices to suit the client needs
  • Installation and system start-up/testing
  • Maintain and keep the system at its optimum

Access control

  • Access control is a powerful crime prevention tool that determines who has access when, where and for how long
  • Our access control systems provide security solutions characterized by the below devices
  • Magnetic stripped cards to swipe or proximity to open & close doors
  • Fingerprint bio-metrics
  • Keypad personal identification numbers(PINs)

Integrated security systems(ISS)

  • ISS offers our clients with a wide range of products and solutions to meet their security requirements
  • This service offers our consumers with a security system that is sensitive to every risk. e.g. Combining intruder detection with cctv monitoring system gives the consumer better control of possible risks
  • Searching vehicles and personnel.
  • Visitor registration.
  • Gate keeping and access control.

Tracking/vehicle alarms

  • KSS provides its clients with mobile asset management solutions
  • This product serves to deliver to our consumers solutions for security, safety and efficiency for their mobile assets.
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
    Vehicle tracking
    Cost reduction
    Driver/personal safety
    Risk reduction

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